Inspiración diseñadores: Agata Roszkowska

Agata Roszkowska es una diseñadora con un máster en relaciones internacionales por la Universidad de Varsovia. Agata trabaja de manera freelance, siendo su especialidad los gráficos, el branding y el diseño web. 

A nosotros su trabajo nos parece muy modernista y agradable a la vista por su minimalismo y digno de inspiración. ¿Ustedes qué opinan?

Poster by Agata Roszkowska
Designs by Agata Roszkowska
“While I was studying, l realized that I was finally the right person in the right position… Right now I am doing a little freelancing and at the same time I have my eye on a full-time job in a studio/agency. For as long as I can remember, I have always drawn, painted, made jewellery and had an intense interest in art. Now I just wonder why it took me so long to take this step. I graduated in December and it was an amazing experience, a real eye opener.
The way I perceive things has changed dramatically. When I look at magazines, ads, and websites, I always look at the layout or try to guess what typeface has been used or how to make this illustration or that effect. Weird! When it comes to inspiration I collect everything! I have a big collection of flyers, posters, small replicas of paintings, huge amounts of memories and pinterest, because inspiration can be found everywhere and anywhere, even in places you’d least expect.”
“The place that inspired me the most so far was the Guggenhein in NY. I spent all day there and I remember that after that I was in a different world. I love design because you don’t have to narrow yourself down. There are so many styles in design that I appreciate, and there is always more to discover and do…”
“I do not have a specific plan for my life, but I have always been an active person and I enjoy life the most when I’m kept busy and when there’s a lot going on around me. In the near future I am looking forward to moving back to Manchester. It will be fun to meet all those crazy people again ;) I’m always interested in collaborative projects, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!”
Si quieres conocer más de Agata, visita su web en,Pinterest y Twitter @agataroszkowska.

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