Diseño web en verde, un hit no sólo en primavera

Se acerca San Patricio y la Primavera. ¿Por qué no empezar ésta temporada con un poco de inspiración de Diseños Web que usan el color verde? ¡Disfruten!

1. AppsTemplates

AppsTemplates uses fresh colors, effective call to action buttons, detailed icons and beautiful fonts. Overall design looks fresh, trendy and catchy.

2. Bam Creative

Bam Creative
Only two colors used as main – green and dark grey. Design looks quite boring, but mouse over effects and clean fonts make this website look more than average.

3. Design Snack

Design Snack
Subtle green and brown gradients and high quality icons with great typography make this website look like an excellent one.

4. Free Gobbler

Free Gobbler
Illustration of an unknown creature helps this website to be differ from other green websites. Nicely used green and white color variations and typography.

5. Logolabs

Light colors looks fresh and easy to read. Cute scientist mascot makes this website look funny but professional. There are also cool mouse over button effects.

6. PSD Chimp

PSD Chimp
Beautiful monkey illustration, trendy call to action buttons but something is wrong. I think they could work more on combining colors and typography.

7. Origen Creatives

Origen Creatives
Another one great example of green and brown colors tandem. Beautiful typography, high-quality illustration and textures looks great.

8. Cromulent Design

Cromulent Design
Unusual way to display mascots, very detailed icons and subtle green color variations make this website memorable.

9. Koffie Verkeerd

Koffie Verkeerd
Big illustration at the top looks unusual but it is telling you about what is this website. Green gradient background texture helps to stand out from other websites. Two colors dominating in this website: again green and brown.

10. Soy renovable

Soy renovable
Soy renovable uses light green grunge background and some brown elements. Another thing that makes this website different is left alignment.

11. Sprouter

Sprouter nicely uses light green box with nature elements and big call to action button. Almost everything looks good except the website’s favicon. But it’s just a small lack.

12. Blossoms Village Resort

Blossoms Village Resort
Nature inspired design with beautiful background illustration. Unusual content slider and speaking typography makes an impression.

13. Granatum

Light colors used to design this website. Modern and glossy design elements make it look fresh and trendy.

14. Digiti

Wonderful illustrations and unusual typography was used to create this new retro style website. Green color dominates in background and typography.

15. Sunrise Design

Sunrise Design
Another one amazing website. Lots of details, subtle colors and high-quality icons make this website look very creative and professional. Green illustration only used on header but this time less is more.

16. Zendesk

Light and interactive website with green details. Unseen top navigation and a lot of new design elements. Great inspiration source.

17. Emotions by Mike

Emotions by Mike
Minimalist green website with creative illustration on the top. Small details and different fonts used to create this website design.

18. Plant With Purpose

Plant With Purpose
Dark green used to design this website. Nature related website demonstrates tree and ground, that’s why picked dark color.

19. Evernote

Clean and simple – two words that can easily describe this website. Clear typography and green brand’s color look faithfully.

20. Vyew

Green and dark colors combination with rounded corners and detailed gadget illustration looking good but main content typography could be lighter I think.

21. Elite


22. OKB Interactive Studio

okb interactive studio

23. Tic A Tac™ Poker

Tic A Tac

24. W3roi


25. Valen Designs

Valen Designs

26. Silverback


27. I Avion

I Avion

28. Shopify


29. Envato


30. Yodaa


31. Roni’s Child Care

Roni's Child Care

32. Daguia Tortas Finas

Daguia Tortas Finas

33. Hearthcore


34. SprintBio


35. Lipton Green Tea

Lipton Green Tea

36. FreshBox

FreshBox37. Steve Ottenad

Steve Ottenad

38. Go Glamping

Go Glamping

39. Eco-Environments


40. Onehub

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