10 empaques creativos de café

“Dark Matter is a custom blend of small-batch roasted coffee with original package design developed as a 2011 holiday gift for Astronaut Studio’s clients, partners and vendors.”

Designed by Astronaut Studio

Naked – Student Work

“Coffee beans go through a rigorous process to be ‘stripped down to their natural form.’ Therefore, by the end stage of the process – the bean is ‘Naked.’ This is the rationale behind the name, theme and strap line of this coffee brand.”
Designed by Samantha Hartill

Handsome Coffee

“We were briefed that Handsome intended to have two lines of coffees: Comfort and Adventure. We employed color, shape and a little figure ground to differentiate between the lines and categories.”
Designed by Sissy Emmons Hobizal of Ptarmak

Reserve Collection

These labels were designed for a new line of coffee from Bull Run Roasting Company to be served and sold at their new retail location inside the Rustica Bakery in Minneapolis.
Designed by Jeff Holmberg

Metrio Coffee

“The word Metrio is derived by the most common way Greeks drink their short black coffee – METRIO – meaning short black with one sugar (medium sweetness).”
Designed by Robinsson Cravents

Brothers Coffee Roaster

“The marque created for Brothers takes reference from the periodic table while the full logotype is inspired from the process of roasting the coffee. A whole range of 12 blends are in production, all featuring a different coloured circle on the packaging to appropriately represent the blend.”
Designed by Verse

Rainforest Coffee

“We believe that it is important to emphasize the locations from which the company’s coffee is imported and the exotic nature of the blends. Therefore, we selected the name Rainforest for the product line, and we chose the animals for the various blends.”


The Paradise gift set “World’s best coffees” consist of 8 most popular types of coffee. It was designed to symbolize traveller’s suitcase. Simple, low-cost solution of package allows easily either to demonstrate content in coffee-shops or to transport and present collection.
Designed by Artel Artyomovyh

Seattle’s Best Coffee

“The Level System’s unique array of numbers and vivid colors tell consumers exactly what they want to know: which type of coffee fits their taste profile. Each Level has been sourced, blended and roasted with care and precision to meet consumers’ desire to simply enjoy a great tasting cup of coffee.”
Designed by Creature

Johan & Nyström

“They travel the globe in the hunt for the perfect coffee beans for the perfect cup of coffee. Summer has designed two bags for two different coffee blends – a Sumatra blend and an Ethiopian blend.”
Designed by Summer

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