10 herramientas gratuitas para incrementar drásticamente tu productividad

Probablemente de los mayores retos a los que nos podemos enfrentar en un trabajo ya seamos empleados, freelanceros, gerentes o dueños de un negocio,  es el no tener suficiente tiempo para realizar las tareas más importantes o no priorizar las tareas que requieren más atención. Una mala gestión del tiempo, aunado a las distracciones, hacer muchas cosas al mismo tiempo, desorganización y la falta de atención se imponen la mayoría de las veces a la productividad. En el siguiente post se enumeran 10 herramientas que bien vale la pena checar para ayudarnos a mantener el trabajo organizado y eficiente. Lo mejor es que son sencillas de usar, algunas se pueden accesar desde nuestro propio navegador, y lo mejor de todo: ¡gratis! Así que no hay excusas, a trabajar se ha dicho.


Dropbox is an excellent way to keep your document files organized quickly and easily. This service lets you save items to your “dropbox” while simultaneously saving them to your computer, mobile phone and your Dropbox web account for consistency. With Dropbox, you don’t have to deal with the pain of multiple copies of the same data files, or waste precious time emailing yourself updated versions of the files. You can also invite your project team to look over specific documents and folders for simple feedback collection.


Managing invoices poses a big challenge for entrepreneurs. You can sign up with MakeSomeTime to keep track of invoices, clients, projects, and bill times, all within your internet browser. Their free plan lets you add up to five clients and deliver one invoice per month.


A neat little tool that automatically tweets your new blog posts. In addition to auto-publishing your new posts to twitter, this app will also post on any other social network you have connected to it. Dlvr.it also lets you integrate your bit.ly account. But it also has its own default URL shortener anyway, which saves you the trouble.


Tired of navigating through countless phone menus? This web service tool grants you access the phone menus for customer service numbers and allows you choose any menu directory path and then sends you right to it, bypassing those annoying automated response systems.


For those irritating and frustrating times when your work is just too big to send through an email, try using Wetransfer. This service tool makes it incredible easy to send your files, docs, or projects to anyone with an email address. All you have to do is just upload and hit send.


This popular note-taking tool is great for marketing vital online resources. You can keep yourself organized by categorizing items into different notebooks and subsections that you can customize in any way you choose. The best part is that this app synchronizes with your mobile smartphone and computer for fast access from anywhere.


If you’re like me and you use IM chat networks for the office, home, school or anything else, you can save time by using Pidgin. Supporting the largest assortment of chat networks including the popular AIM, MSN, Google Chat, and Yahoo Messenger platforms, this tool lets you log into multiple chat accounts simultaneously. Get ready to chat up a storm.

Remember the Milk

(I always forget the milk). This task management website will help you stay focused on the tasks at hand so that you can get more done in less time. You can update and add tasks from any location, receive important reminders and alerts, and organize your tasks. Remember the Milk can be used on the iPhone or Android smartphones, as well as the iPad.


This productivity plugin does wonders for your email. It gives you a detailed background profile on whoever sends you an email. If you are like me and you get an email from somebody you forgot or don’t know at all, one of the first things you’ll do is Google them to get the facts. Rapportive takes care of that for you. It’ll search and show you all related social media account information on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more – all from your inbox.
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